The Musselman Coloring Contest


Did you miss the coloring contest?  All you had to do was the best coloring within your ability.  We had a bunch of entries.  We promised three adult winners and three youth winners.  Unfortunately, we did not receive any youth entries.  They must of been super busy with their school work and did not have time to finish their coloring to meet the Musselman timeline.   With that said we decided to award an additional adult.  So four adult winners in all only because it May the fourth.  Did you know that the ladies coloring skills were better and more advanced than the men?  Why do we say this?  You guessed it. Not one man submitted their artwork.  The four winner are:  Donna Loeb, Nina Barbero, Stephanie Barbero, and Sarah Schaefer.   Yes the won a I Heart Musselman hoodie!!!

Here are two of the examples of the winners below.

Old School Coloring

Digital Coloring